[ntp:hackers] Joy of ACTS, but some sorrow otherwise

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sun Feb 27 12:41:58 PST 2005

At 10:27 PM 2/26/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>Was your trace with TWO -d? You will see continuous reports from gtraw() 
>with a zero-length string.

What is TWO? The trace I see from gtraw has a timestamp and a timecode of 0
Is that what you mean? The timestamp is advancing but it looks like it comes
from PPS and not the SPECTRACOM.

>Look more carefully on bridgeport. Pogo is sending broadcast key 5 as well 
>as multicast autokey. Bridgeport is using key 5, not autokey. That's a 
>configuration mistake I will correct on the moment. Meanwhile, I restarted 
>pogo and it faulted. That's new.

Where exactly is the decision made and how that it is a new mcast/bcast
association as opposed to an existing one?


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