[ntp:hackers] Joy of ACTS, but some sorrow otherwise

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Feb 27 15:29:22 PST 2005


I quoth "TWO -d" aka "-d -d". Emphasis mine, because I've said that 
three times. The rest of my message says the debug runs continuously. 
Look also at the process time. The line returned by gtraw() is zero 
length. It's hogging most of the CPU cycles. I can't be more plain than 


Danny Mayer wrote:

> At 10:27 PM 2/26/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>> Danny,
>> Was your trace with TWO -d? You will see continuous reports from 
>> gtraw() with a zero-length string.
> What is TWO? The trace I see from gtraw has a timestamp and a timecode 
> of 0
> Is that what you mean? The timestamp is advancing but it looks like it 
> comes
> from PPS and not the SPECTRACOM.
>> Look more carefully on bridgeport. Pogo is sending broadcast key 5 as 
>> well as multicast autokey. Bridgeport is using key 5, not autokey. 
>> That's a configuration mistake I will correct on the moment. 
>> Meanwhile, I restarted pogo and it faulted. That's new.
> Where exactly is the decision made and how that it is a new mcast/bcast
> association as opposed to an existing one?
> Danny

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