[ntp:hackers] Scoreboard

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Feb 28 11:17:25 PST 2005


I updated all machines on campus and backroom with latest ntp-dev and 
rebuilt all. The good news is that all combinations of modes work in 
plain and authenticated symmetric key. A minor bug was found and fixed 
with broadcast client where the association took several minutes to set 
up rather than less than a minute as designed. Note the initial delay 
before doing anything is randomized over 16 s in order to reduce the 
implosion hazard when the server has been down for a long time (hours). 
After that the delay to synchronize is the same as with iburst.

The problems I know about remaining:

1. ntpdate doesn't work on snavely. Something about a broken socket.

2. IPv6 client/server does not work from hepzibah to pogo.

3. multicast and manycast doesn't work, authenticated or not.

4. Autokey doesn't multicast or manycast. It apparently doesn't work in 
broadcast, but the problem appears to be a protocol bug, as the client 
certifidate is not signed by the server. I'm on that.

5. Something wicked is going on with refclocks on rackety. Similar 
configuration works fine on rackety clone mort and on Solaris.

There are a number of debug printfs in ntp_io.c that are not enclosed in 
#ifdefs. I assume these are temporary.


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