[ntp:hackers] More tests

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Feb 28 17:35:21 PST 2005


I spent the whole day testing each and every little thing. IPv4 
broadcast works with symmetric keys and autokey no problems, with sme 

The protocol error on pogo was due to an invalid certificate. In my 
haste to set up the machine, I rolled the keys and certificate without 
checking the TOY chip. The chip was running sometime in 2007, so the 
certificate validity period was in the future. The server caught the 
error, but couldn't do anything about it. All fixed now.

Now a new problem. While broadcast/autokey works gangbusters on 
Solaribum baldwin, Ultrix porkypine, Alpha bunnylou and HP-UX snavely, 
it does not on word on Freebies hepzibah and barnstable. All are 
configured as broadcast clients. Note on all except the Freebies the 
broadcast appears in the trace with its unicast interface address as it 
should. However, on FreeBSD it appears with a zero address. There is an 
error report at association mobilization time that 0000 is already in use.

I found and fixed very minor bugs in ntp_proto.c and ntp_crypto.c. These 
are probably three years old. One step at a time.


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