[ntp:hackers] Scoreboard

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Mon Feb 28 17:52:10 PST 2005

At 02:17 PM 2/28/2005, David L. Mills wrote:
>I updated all machines on campus and backroom with latest ntp-dev and 
>rebuilt all. The good news is that all combinations of modes work in plain 
>and authenticated symmetric key. A minor bug was found and fixed with 
>broadcast client where the association took several minutes to set up 
>rather than less than a minute as designed. Note the initial delay before 
>doing anything is randomized over 16 s in order to reduce the implosion 
>hazard when the server has been down for a long time (hours). After that 
>the delay to synchronize is the same as with iburst.


>The problems I know about remaining:
>1. ntpdate doesn't work on snavely. Something about a broken socket.

That's a new one on me. I never use it. what's your commandline string
and I'll try and check it out.

>2. IPv6 client/server does not work from hepzibah to pogo.

What do you see as symptoms?

>3. multicast and manycast doesn't work, authenticated or not.

We'll have to work on that. All that I am certain of is that TEST10
and TEST11 are failing.

>4. Autokey doesn't multicast or manycast. It apparently doesn't work in 
>broadcast, but the problem appears to be a protocol bug, as the client 
>certifidate is not signed by the server. I'm on that.

Okay, is that why authentication is failing?

>5. Something wicked is going on with refclocks on rackety. Similar 
>configuration works fine on rackety clone mort and on Solaris.

You must have a hardware problem on rackety. In the meantime I have fixed
the input_handler() code and it seems to be working, just not on rackety.
I have asked Harlan to pull it tonight if he can. You can get it from pogo:

>There are a number of debug printfs in ntp_io.c that are not enclosed in 
>#ifdefs. I assume these are temporary.

I don't see any un#ifdef'd  printf's in ntp_io.c. My copy may be different
from yours. If when you pull the new copy you still see some please
let me know.



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