[ntp:hackers] Dull Blade

Brian Utterback Brian.Utterback at Sun.COM
Fri Jul 22 17:33:43 PDT 2005

This is just the kind of thing that dtrace was made for. Do you get a 
core or anything? If not, it should
be fairly simple to make a dtrace script that stops ntpd just before it 
exits to get a stack.

David L. Mills wrote:

> Guys,
> I just did a complete rebuild from scratch on the backroom machines 
> after finding suspicious behavior possibly due to Solaris 10 upgrade. 
> It went well on all the Solaris and FreeBSD machines except Solaris 
> Blade 1500 deacon. I didn't change anything in the sources and the 
> previous build Solaris 9 worked fine. However, and only on the Blade, 
> the ntpd starts apparently successfully and then dies anywhere from a 
> few seconds to several hours later with nothing in the log. This 
> behavior happens only when the control terminal is detached. It runs 
> forever under gdb and with the debug trace turned on.
> This behavior is not new. It has happened on several occasions with 
> Linux. On previous occasions the problem went away by itself as 
> sources were wiggled in various ways.
> Dave
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