[ntp:hackers] BK Question (again)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon May 9 03:07:49 PDT 2005

At 11:06 PM -0600 2005-05-08, Reg Clemens wrote:

>  If we could get you a commercial version of BK (so your job remained doable),
>  and were able to generate daily or weekly tarballs (with a script) so that
>  the rest of us could see what the code looked like, that would be optimal.

	I don't think that the problem has ever been the issue of paying 
for BK.  I think the issue has been the license under which BK can be 
used, and the implications for the software projects and the people 
working on those software projects who refuse to use tools that have 
restrictive licenses.

	If it were purely a matter of money, I'm sure we could resolve 
that issue.  But being a matter of licenses and license restrictions, 
I do not know if it is possible to find a suitable solution.  I hope 
so, but I am not sure.

	Either way, this largely comes down to Harlan -- the features he 
feels are needed or desired in order to do his job as release 
engineer, his comfort with the ability of which tools to meet those 
needs and desires, and what interoperability is desired for use with 
open source tools by those people who refuse to use the commercially 
restrictive tools.

	If you're just taking tarballs, then you don't care what SCM 
system is used.  Most people won't care what SCM system is used, even 
if they are hacking on the source code -- they'd work on whatever 
source code they downloaded most recently, send us the patches, and 
then it would be up to Harlan (or someone else on the team) to use 
the commercial tools to integrate those patches into the tree.

	Frankly, I think very, very few people are impacted by the choice 
of SCM, and Harlan is (as release engineer), by far the single most 
important person on that list.  He should be free to use whatever 
tools he feels are required, and the rest of us either have to try to 
find ways to work directly with that, or try to find ways to enable 
us to at least work indirectly with it.

	So far as I know, Dr. Mills doesn't figure into this picture 
because he's always refused to use any kind of SCM, and has always 
left that sort of stuff up to Harlan.

	So, it all comes down to Harlan and what kinds of tools he feels 
that he requires to do his job.

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