[ntp:hackers] BK Question (again)

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon May 9 09:42:31 PDT 2005

> > if bitkeeper has become insane and non-FOSS-friendly, then NTP has to
> > either renegotiate with them, or switch. if we have to switch, then we
> > should switch to the thing that gives rel eng (which is mostly harlan)
> > the features he needs. that may require switching to a different
> > commercial package. i know that the perforce people are not insane and
> > are unlikely to become so.
> The concern I have is, what if perforce (or any other non-OPEN SOURCE
> package) becomes "unavailable" (like BK, or for any other reason) in the
> future?  We'll have to go through this again.  That's the value of an
> open-source SCM (or any other software package upon which you depend for
> persistent data);  no one can pull the rug from under you.

i agree, but harlan says he has needs that FOSS-CMS (CVS, SVN) doesn't meet.

however, in the case of perforce, i know with some certainty that we could
get buildable source and an RTU put in escrow for NTP's use in the event of
a business failure or change in corporate priorities affecting our continued
use of their software.  so your concern can be answered in this one case.

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