[ntp:hackers] Audio refclocks in latest tarballs

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Sun Nov 6 03:33:46 PST 2005

Steven concisely pointed out a change made in the past couple of years...
it used to be that (contrary to the documentation) the "cdev" line
specified the audio device and that the "idev" line specified the
mixer device.  But since then the code has been fixed to match
the documentation, and all I had to do was un-reverse my audio
config reversal.

This instantly fixed the issue.

Maybe, in my copious free time, I will think about how to "nicely"
add RX-320 receiver support (right now I just replace the stock
icom.c and icom.h with completely different versions, it would be nice
to have both RX-320 and ICOM support and other future receiver
support in the code without hacking the source.)

How many audio refclock users are there around the world?  I know
of maybe 4 or 5 through my tinkering in the past couple of years
(and that counts Dave and his flock.)


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