[ntp:hackers] Audio refclocks in latest tarballs

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Thu Nov 10 01:10:18 PST 2005

> Ah, if you can elaborate as to the hardware/OS details you have I'm sure
> we can get you going.  I think refclock hacking is appropriate for
> discussion on this list, if you disagree we can move elsewhere.

The system is currently the only one described on the list at:


> As to cleaning up the audio code, Dave has told us that he is utterly
> disgusted with the layer-cake of #ifdef's etc. there but I don't think
> it's hopeless yet! He's also expressed some dissatisfaction with the
> /etc/audio.conf method, but I actually feel that the two together work
> moderately well on Linux and FreeBSD, and I'm guessing that they
> aren't hopeless on Solaris either.

You know about:




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