[ntp:hackers] It gets worse

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Oct 2 03:09:35 UTC 2005


Awhile back after a make dist failed on a fresh configure/build, Harlan 
reminded me of a prior message about some special procedure I had to do 
so that would work. I had no idea such a message existed; in any case I 
couldn't find it, so I didn't do anything and the problem fixed itself. 
The same problem happened just now, so I can't make dist and move the 
stuff somewhere else for checking with a different compiler.

However, I asked and was reassured that after moving the distribution to 
another place and extracting that it was possible to change some source 
file and make dist to move the result somewhere else. I did just that 
now on pogo and make dist failed the same way. I did that on a FreeBSD 
machine and make dist failed in a different way. I don't think this is 
Harlan's intent, so conclude something is broken.


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