[ntp:hackers] Windows multicast

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Tue Oct 4 13:06:42 PDT 2005

David L. Mills wrote:
> Guys,
> Our sysadmin says that they used to install NTP on all Windows machines 
> upon arrival; however, that isn't necessary any more because in Sp1 or 
> SP2 the machine worked NTP in mulitcast with native support. Can anyone 
> confirm or deny that?

I don't believe that w32time handles multicast in any shape or form. 
Don't forget that w32time is a broken implementation of sntp. I don't 
believe that sntp supports multicast does it. I'd like to see a 
Microsoft document that makes that claim.

I do have ntpd working as a multicast client.

> Dave
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