[ntp:hackers] Proposal for renaming LEGAL list... "NTP.ORG Administration List"

todd glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 29 17:39:58 UTC 2006

I want to propose that ANY and ALL administrative issues be condensed into a
single list - and that LEGAL which is a subset of that be moved to that
new Administrative list.

This will include:

    1)    Any and all issues regarding the functioning of this WG

Simply put - they cannot be extracted from the law that constrains them.

    2)    Any and all issues regarding services this WG offers to the World
and how those are paid for.

The services that this organization provides are legally binding
commitments. Check the Stored Communications Act if you doubt this.

    3)    Legal specifics with regard to the list and its processes
including Security and Administrative Alerts and the like.

Knowledge of security issues has legal impact and withholding it also has
the same.

    4)    BCP's for the Operations of NTP

A BCP is more than a technical document, it is a process/practice and it
needs to be done in-alignment with the legal issues constraining it.

    5)    Inter-GSO relations and issues/initiatives

How this entity works with and receives input from other entities is a legal
issue more than anything else and not addressing that by claiming 'we are
not interested' is negligent.

    The reasoning is simple - The Legal Issues are all part of
Administration of the List and its Services. In fact they cannot be
separated from the Administrative issues of running the services here,
especially since you are publishing contractually binding information - as
in the BCP and the Use/Access List


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