[ntp:hackers] GPS Thunderbolt

Fernando P. Hauscarriaga fernandoph at iar.unlp.edu.ar
Fri Jan 6 13:42:10 UTC 2006

Hello everyone... well, as I promised, here is the patch for the
thunderbolt... note that for using this driver you have to make a sim-link
to the serial port the thuderbolt is plugged into...
for example, if the thunderbolt is on ttyS0:

ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/thunderbolt0

and the config file, has to be:

# NTP configuration file (ntp.conf)
# gps.iar.unlp.edu.ar (
server prefer

# and set flag2 to turn off event polling
fudge flag2 1

VERY important to turn event polling off...
Hope we can work out something together...

best regards to all you...

Fernando Pablo Hauscarriaga
Casilla de Correo Nro. 5 (1894) - Villa Elisa
Tel/Fax: (0221) 425-4909
Interno: 106
fernandoph at iar.unlp.edu.ar

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