[ntp:hackers] Core protocol document

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Jan 30 20:01:00 UTC 2006


I am enclosing a (very) preliminary draft of the core protocol 
specification. It is intended only as example of specification style. 
The detailed content is certainly full of numerous typos and nits and 
the figures need work. Disregard the references, which sneaked through 
my template for another paper.

However, what I hope does come through is simple delclarative state 
variable/processing steps devoid of principle or design intent. The idea 
is to make the specification simple and straightforward. If the reader 
wants detail rationale, principle or explanation, see the web or for 
that matter the book.

I'm not asking for review and comment on this draft, just a suggestion 
on style. When complete, the document will be published like the Autokey 
document in PDF as a UDel technical report. I have no plans to pursue 
this in the IETF publication format.


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