[ntp:hackers] Re: NTP and leap-seconds

todd glassey todd.glassey at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jul 5 13:43:15 UTC 2006

yeah I know Tim  - its about legal issues and Governmental Process, not
about neat. I hear you too but the issues of much of this go beyond "hey
believe me" and there has to be enduring proofs, so the question is how easy
it is for the US Government to formally announce leap seconds and who should
do that.

Whether its done by smoke-signals or otherwise, I still think that the NIST
folks should do it...

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> "todd glassey" <todd.glassey at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> > Yes I want a formal notification as to the occurrence from NIST Time and
> > Frequency - it would come in 'the same type of email message' from the
> > Federal Judicial Electronic Court Filing System which sends out
> > authenticated emails to specific clients who are registered with it.
> We've kicked around some ideas here about various ways to distribute
> leapsecond notifications via the net (and in fact there are already
> multiple ways with multiple levels of authentication/crypto),
> but E-mail is about the suckiest way I could imagine.
> Tim.

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