[ntp:hackers] [ntp-dev] pls test new interface code

Frank Kardel kardel at ntp.org
Fri Jul 21 08:10:21 UTC 2006

One of the new major features in ntp-dev aside from autogen
is the dynamic interface code. This code solves the long standing
problem (bug #51) that ntpd would loose contact with the world
when the IP address changed (e.g.  ppp, "Zwangstrennung", WLAN).

The way it works is that ntpd repeatedly scans the list of network
interfaces and reconfigures when changes are found.  On systems
that provide the routing socket interface (*BSD and derived)  this
is almost instantaneous. On all other systems (Windows, Linux and the rest)
the interface list is scanned at regular intervals (5 minutes for now).
The interval can be changed at daemon startup time with the -U <interval 
parameter. -U 0 disables the scanning. The interval cannot be set short than
60 seconds.
The current interface state and statistics is available via the 
ntpdc command "ifstats" (caution: wide output).
A re-scan can be triggered via (authenticated) ifreload.
Fields of ifstats/ifreload:
# - number incremented for each new interface address incarnation
A - actiond performed: . - no change, + added, - deleted
Address/Mask/Broadcast - just that
T - type A - address, M - mask, B - broadcast
IF name - name if interface
Flag - flags from struct interface
TL - ttl for mcast interfaces
#M - number of IP addresses in multicast socket
recv - pakets received via this interface
sent - pakets sent via this interface
drop - pakets dropped on this interface
S - scopeid (IPv6)
IX - interface index
PC - peer count - number of peers bound to this interface
uptime - seconds this interface is active

Please check whether the daemon keeps stable associations even when 
go up/down addresses change.

Any bugs found should be submitted as a bug blocking bug #622.
Currently known issues:
    - Windows needs to accept the fact that sockets may be
      closed during the lifetime of the daemon (bug 671)
    - size (due to compiler padding) differences between some
      64 bit archs and the rest (bug 672)

I also welcome success stories :-)

Have fun & thanks for testing

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