[ntp:hackers] Cool new stuff

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Sat Jul 22 15:25:41 UTC 2006

"todd glassey" <tglassey at earthlink.net> wrote:
[Interrupting a thread about radically evolving NTP config files]
> Question for the group - lets if you want create a "NTP Practice and Report"
> and I will help with the Audit Practice for it. This will give the NTP.ORG
> entity or this entity something that we could get qualified by commercial
> audits and roll forward.

Is this related to the old config files, the new config files, the
process of changing from old to new, ???

I could see a helpful cheat sheet ("this is what you did in the
old, this is how you do it in the new") coming in handy with respect
to the ntpdc to ntpq and config file changes, but
qualifying for commercial audits? How is this related?


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