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todd glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 22 20:44:40 UTC 2006

Unfortunately Dave its not quite that easy its not just the republication
rights that are at play here especially for the commercial players. The
Copyright/Use License also pertains to derivative implementations as well
one would think including the code-base that is checked into the ISC.  So
the question is - who actually owns the code the ISC and this collective are
working on? - You - UDel? those collective Sponsor's

Sorry to be the IP guy but...

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> Paul,
> Read my lips very carefully. I have said nothing about licensing. I
> don't care about licensing. All I care about is the IBM lawyer who
> showed up in my office demanding I sign a release specific to IBM and I
> would not do that. If Sun and HP and IBM and everybody else on the
> planet can guarantee hassle-free use of any code, then I and UDel have
> no problem with that.
> There is no question about ownership here and I really would like to
> spare further discussion on that issue. You will note the copyright page
> says nogthing about licensing, only copyright. How about the IBM lawyer?
> How about the embedded products like my Xerox printer and Symmetricom
> GPS servers? If none of these guys has any problem, then I and UDel
> don't either. Finally, note I and UDel don't own anything, just the
> copyright notice asserting authorship of various parties.
> Dave
> Paul Vixie wrote:
> >> If not, this makes vendors such as Sun and HP and
> >> Symmetricom mighty nervous.
> >
> >
> > sun and hp have already imported isc/lib/log.c (and eventlib) and vetted
> > the license. but if that's a problem, feel free to fork the code, and
> > will send UDel a letter donating a copy of the source without its
> > so that UDel can own its own copy.
> >
> > let's be done, for once and for all time, with any concern about
> > of ISC code for use in NTP. we're wasting time and missing
> >
> > i am particularly upset since my use of and work on NTP predates my use
> > and work on BIND, and my inspiration to use a BSD-derived license on all
> > of my work (and later, all of ISC's work) came from my appreciation of
> > and the license it used. dr. mills, every time you complain about ISC's
> > license, it feels like i somehow missed the point of your work, and i do
> > not think that i have. i am one of your followers. stop yelling at me
> > for trying to follow in your footsteps.
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