[ntp:hackers] Cool new stuff

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Jul 23 03:51:46 UTC 2006

Sachin Kamboj wrote:
> Dear Prof. Mills, Fellow hackers,
> I will need some volunteers and testers to help with the testing. I have
> tried to exercise all parts of the configuration code but there might be
> subtle bugs on different platforms that I don't have access to. I will fix
> these as they are reported.
> Also, I have added a couple of source files that are being included into
> ntp_config.c (yuck!). Ideally they should be compiled seperately and linked
> with the rest of the code. I will need help adding that to the configure
> procedure.
> There are two main departures in the configuration syntax from the existing
> practise:
> 1. peerstats, loopstats, cryptostats, sysstats, clockstats and rawstats are
> now reserved words and may not be used as filenames in the configuration
> file. Hence, a configuration command such as:
> filegen peerstats file peerstats enable
> won't work and will give a syntax error. Instead, use something like:
> filegen peerstats file peer_stats enable

I'm not sure I understand why they need to be reserved words. The syntax
should be clearly established to differentiate between a name and a
value on a line. If you can't then the syntax should be revised.

> 2. Right now, the -4 and -6 switches, for DNS zone selection don't work. I
> wasn't sure why they were needed, but I can put them in later.
They are needed because we run over both IPv4 and IPv6 and DNS lookups
will give you back both addresses. Sometimes you don't want the IPv6
addresses because your network infrastructure. Sometimes, and this is
more for the future, you only want to deal with IPv6 infrastructures.

> Other comments:

> Also if anyone has some thoughts on why everything works fine when ntpd is
> run with the -d switch, but doesn't configure when run without it, please
> let me know. That is the final block preventing me from releasing the code
> into the wild.

That one's obvious. You have something defined within a if(debug) that
shouldn't be conditional. Since the code is not yet released, we can
tell you where.


> Thanks for any suggestions/comments.
> Regards,
> Sachin.

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