[ntp:hackers] Cool new stuff

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Jul 23 04:13:41 UTC 2006


You've gotten the wrong idea about this. The refclocks are not
rescanned. Only network interfaces including the loopback are rescanned
and the loopback is not touched. ONLY those addresses that have changed
(added or deleted) are modified in any way.


David L. Mills wrote:
> Frank,
> This is profoundly and absolutely ridiculous. The loopback interface and
> refclock interface addresses are not going to change. To do so would
> screw up links, the access control list and who knows what else. In any
> case the excessive debug display screws up a per-minute protocol watch.
> Lose the display or move it up in the -d option.
> Dave

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