[ntp:hackers] Proposal for NEW Mailing List... NTP Test and Certification List

Todd Glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 24 14:49:53 UTC 2006

Harlan and Dave - lets add another list to the server if Paul and the ISC are willing - that would be the NTP Test, Certification, and Practice Auditing Mailing List and the proposed charter should read something like:

"A list to discus and come to peer-reviewed consensus on the proper configuration, operations, and records management for the use of NTP in production computing systems and infrastructure; The goal of the group is to produce the critical audit documents needed to facilitate the use of NTP in commercial production systems as distributed from the ISC NTP WG which would be accomplished by creating and promulgating the following work products including:

1)  Best practice guidelines for configuration and deployment of NTP as a service within Commercial Service Infrastructures. 

2) Best practice guidelines for the use of NTP Appliances in Commercial Production Environment's (YES Greg this is for you and Symmetricom!).

3) Best Practice and Foot print Analysis Guidelines for NTP - and this would be done in compliance with NIST's models for Code-footprinting and certification. 

4) A "Disclosure and Stakeholder Review Process" - which would establish formal ties between this WG's Work Product and the Audit Communities that had to sign off on their use in commercial processes. This will be a key market development and control factor for all, especially those with Appliance Style devices (yes Greg this is also for Symmetricom as well).

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