[ntp:hackers] Cool new stuff

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Jul 24 15:48:14 UTC 2006


The victim is grundoon.udel.edu. I've not yet recompiled from latest 
sources, so I'll leave it as is for investigation. Feel free to stop and 
restart the ntpd, but be aware that it takes some time, maybe hours, for 
the refclock to re-aquire the signal. That shouldn't matter, as the 
interface scan doesn't depend on that.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> David L. Mills wrote:
>> Danny,
>> I believe you and you are an honest man. However, I just now saw a debug
>> line with my WWV refclock address on it.
>> Dave
> Dave,
> On which system did you see this? I would be more than happy to check
> this out.
> Danny

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