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DEFRANCE CLARKE defrance at usa.net
Tue Jul 25 12:40:58 UTC 2006

I have been a quiet lurker here for some time but would like to make a few
points on the subject of the configuration file (or the lack of one).

1. I agree that if a configuration file is specified on the command line, the
lack of that file should be a fatal error.

2. I like the concept of a null configuration file which causes the daemon to
quietly sit there waiting to be remotely configured.

3. I think one reasonable approach is that if no file of the default name is
in the default place, the daemon should construe it as a null config file.

4. Another possible approach is that some config file is required and to get
the null file you must have an empty file (or one containing only white space
and comments).

5. I personally prefer option 3 to 4 above.

6. On the subject of reserved words, I do not like them and think they should
be minimized if not eliminated entirely since you are completely redesigning
the syntax.

7. At the very least, there must be some mechanism for specifying a file of an
arbitrary name.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment
and for the great timekeeping software,

DeFrance Clarke

> Dave,
> What do you expect to happen when there is no config file? Also a
> broadcast client requires authentication unless you disable it and then
> you need a configuration file to do that.
> Danny
> David L. Mills wrote:
> > Sachin,
> > 
> > I'm not defending the lack of diagnostic message when the configuration
> > file cannot be found, but it is legitimate to not have one, as is the
> > case with broadcast clients. However, if you specifiy a file and it
> > cannot be found, that should deal a fatal blow.
> > 
> > Dave

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