[ntp:hackers] Re: out of memory with rc1!

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Thu Mar 16 03:15:10 UTC 2006

Reg Clemens wrote:
>> Danny Mayer wrote:
>>> Can you comment out your NMEA refclock and see if it stabilizes? You
>>> shouldn't see it increasing memory by much after the first few minutes.
>> I cut ntp conf back to this
>> driftfile /var/db/ntpd.drift
>> server
>> and it's still growing.
> Thats a bit strange, my assumption would be that without the NMEA driver being 
> configured
> it shouldnt be able to grab memory.
> But here I took rc1, built it w/o NMEA, just ONCORE and SHM, and there is no 
> problem, no
> memory gain over a period of 12hours.

Thanks for that data point. Does that mean that if built with NMEA then
even if you don't configure an NMEA refclock there is a leak while if
built without it there is no leak? Is NMEA the common thread here or is
that just coincidence?


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