[ntp:hackers] Re: magnitudes for ntpq variables

todd glassey todd.glassey at worldnet.att.net
Fri Mar 31 15:09:45 UTC 2006

Uh how about an OASIS XML wrapper for the document. And as to the MANPAGE -
that simply is not true- There are MANPAGE readers for ALL OS's today -
including such one-off's as IBM's OS400. Also - you are a member of the
"ewxception class" rather than the rule. More people will want the MANPAGE
than INFO or other page formats, but there is no reason why INFO and MANPAGE
and a XML version are all not available. I see no issue with coming up with
a formalized Docuement Framework that is approved by all here and that meets
all of the WG's and User Base's needs.

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> todd glassey wrote:
> > Whoa ... no point in going to war over something like a MANPAGE...
> >
> > The answer here is Simple David - if someone in the group was willing
> > to produce a MANPAGE for NTP (and I am), and submit it to you for
> > content approval would you be willing to look at the manpage for each
> > formal release of your baby so that you can as the proud father,
> > bless this textual image of your/our Child?
> Please not a MANPAGE - an operating-system specific document.  I would
> have no way of reading such documents on my OS.
> Please stay with OS-neutral HTML.
> Thanks,
> David (Taylor)
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