[ntp:hackers] Re: magnitudes for ntpq variables

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 31 15:45:46 UTC 2006

todd glassey wrote:
> Uh how about an OASIS XML wrapper for the document. And as to the
> MANPAGE - that simply is not true- There are MANPAGE readers for ALL
> OS's today - including such one-off's as IBM's OS400. Also - you are
> a member of the "ewxception class" rather than the rule. More people
> will want the MANPAGE than INFO or other page formats, but there is
> no reason why INFO and MANPAGE and a XML version are all not
> available. I see no issue with coming up with a formalized Docuement
> Framework that is approved by all here and that meets all of the WG's
> and User Base's needs.
> Todd


Whilst there may be a MANPAGE reader for Windows, I don't want it!  I 
already have documents in text format, with and without like feeds, in PDF 
format, and in HTML format.  I don't need or want yet another format!

"More people will want the MANPAGE than INFO or other page formats" - well 
perhaps in your world, but certainly not in mine.  People want software 
that you plug in and it works.  Meinberg have done quite a good job with 
their Windows port - you don't even /need/ to refer to the documentation! 
Double-click on the setup.exe and the software installs.  Done.  Caveat - 
I am seeing this from the client setup side, the end nodes of an NTP 
network.  Of course, those with more complex server-side requirements will 
need to know what they are doing.  When I needed that info (for setting up 
a GPS source) did I try and download the latest tarball or search for a 
Zip file of HTML?  Of course not!  I just used Google.  Oh, and Google 
doesn't do ManPages, does it?

As the main document author wishes to write in HTML, and as that is an 
OS-neutral format, I see adding further layers of complexity will simply 
discourage document production or, worse, introduce additional errors.

We've already seen this with the Wiki format for some of the NTP 
documents, where an ill-defined, unfriendly and obscure user interface is 
preventing all but a few folks from adding to the knowledge base.  And we 
spend more time arguing about that than it would take to update the 

I appreciate that you are suggesting what you believe to be for the best, 
and I thnk you for that, but rather than arguing about the format, why not 
put the effort into getting the documents done?

[Subsequent spleeing comments noted]


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