[ntp:hackers] Asynch resolver

Frank Kardel kardel at ntp.org
Sun May 7 05:48:33 UTC 2006

David L. Mills wrote:

> Dany,
> Simple. I would like the pool scheme to operate like manycast. If a 
> server falls off the wagon or just gets old, the client should honk 
> and expect a pool critter to come back. In fact, the pool management 
> algorithms now are identical to manycast with the exception that the 
> DNS resolution must come at startup. Once the best three truechimers 
> have been found, the rest are tossed away. If one of the good guys is 
> lost, there is no way to get it back. What I'd like to do is every 
> couple of hours or so, honk for a fresh one and remitigate for the 
> best three.

Maybe it would make sense to make use of the TTL field in the A records. 
Thus we should resolve the name and refresh
the A record according to its life time. A refreshed and changed DNS 
translation could be used as and indication that a re-election
round might be useful.
Refreshing names according to TTL (where available) and updating the 
assiciations is a thing I would expect from the new asynch
resolver code. Unfortunately there are some interfaces to resolve a 
hostname and not all provifr a TTL indication. So this may not be as
easy as it sounds.


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