[ntp:hackers] Asynch resolver

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon May 8 12:23:55 UTC 2006

Brian Utterback wrote:
> I think that we really need to be careful here. Does eventlib really
> provide asynchronous naming services, even if it is not DNS in use? What
> if the naming service is not reenterant or not idempotent? If eventlib
> handles these issues via a managed thread, is it really doing so in
> the same manner that a forked process would? If we start
> using threads, we run into many of the same issues that we had with
> signaled I/O, namely, as all of the operations used by ntpd thread-safe?
>  Danny Mayer wrote:

Eventlib has nothing to do with asynchronous naming services. It is a
library that in effect acts like a multithreaded application library and
allows you to create tasks to be executed in an asynchronous fashion. A
DNS call then becomes a task (or event) to be executed. It gets rid of
all of the select, poll, signal, etc. silliness and allows you to
concentrate on the task to be accomplished. Eventlib is not currently
multithreaded but could be made to be. There are other issues that get
raised when you are multithreaded, principally locking.


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