[ntp:hackers] OT: Problems with Newsgroup

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung at meinberg.de
Thu Apr 12 23:31:53 PDT 2007


thank you for your fast reply.

Harlan Stenn schrieb:
> Heiko,
> Did you post them to the newsgroup or via questions@?
> If the former, I suspect your news posting software (but it could be
> something in our gateway software).
I posted it to the newsgroup ..

> If the latter, I suspect something is stripping attachments.
> If you prefer, you or Martin could add the scripts to the scripts/
> subdirectory in the distribution.
I am planning to do that as soon as I got some more feedback. At the 
moment ntp_keygen seems to fail on my Solaris9 machine, I guess that is 
a problem with the openssl stuff, but I will have to further look into 
that. If someone else can confirm that it works on Sol9, I would at 
least know that it is not in the scripts.

Best Regards,

> H

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