[ntp:hackers] What to do when the offset is WAYTOOBIG

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Apr 18 14:46:52 PDT 2007

> Unfortunately, Solaris comes with a service "restarter" such that
> services that stop are restarted. This re-executes the startup script,
> starting ntpd with the same flags as before, allowing that "one time
> step" behavior, and now not only do we not require the human paws, we
> have have allowed the step. 

Are there any other services that don't want to be restarted automatically?

Automatic restarting seems like asking for troubles in many cases.  I'm 
picturing syslog filling up with error messages because a config file can't 
be parsed, or disks filling up with core dumps.  Does Solaris have any 
defensive mechanisms for that sort of thing?  (An exponential backoff on the 
restart time might work well enough.)  Can any of them be used by ntpd?

Maybe some exit codes shouldn't get restarted.

Maybe the Solaris version of ntpd should sleep forever rather than exiting.

That's not to say that there shouldn't be code added to cover some of the 
cases that currently exit.  But fixing a few cases doesn't solve the general 

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