[ntp:hackers] What to do when the offset is WAYTOOBIG

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.isc.org
Fri Apr 20 13:47:58 PDT 2007

> It's moot if the new config stuff is going in soon.


> What I was saying is that it looks to me like libopts does some
> magic at autogen time that builds the command line handling code.
> Thus, to modify the command line handling to (say) add a new flag,
> you need to be able to do the autogen/autoconf/automake. Am I
> right?

Autogen separates the "cracking" of the options/args from the "deciding
what to do based on the options/args".

If you just want to *move* where options/args are checked, or add/delete
checks of existing options/args in the code, that is easy and autogen is
not needed.

If you want to make additions, changes, or deletions to the command-line
args/options themselves you will need autogen.

Or you ask me to do it and then pull the changes back to finish your
work.  This can be done in a cloned repo very easily.

Autogen can be easy to install, and since it uses guile there are
apparently platforms where installing autogen becomes...interesting.


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