[ntp:hackers] new config parsing code

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Apr 25 08:04:47 PDT 2007


So far as I am concenred, the simulator is an integral component in the 
distribution, especially as it has enhanced functionality over the 
previous version. As you say Sun will not include it in their 
distribution, I assume Sun will commit such resources as to maintain a 
separate corporate distibution. In that case, I assume Sun will commit 
such resources to aid in the related development effort.

You should be reminded that Digital did commit a warm body to aid in the 
development of NTPv3.


Brian Utterback wrote:

> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Sachin has almost finished the beast.  To our knowledge the last issue
>> that needs to be resolved is a linker problem building ntpdsim.  (There
>> are functions defined in libntp.a that we want to override for ntpdsim
>> by creating copies in a .o file, and the linker is seeing both and
>> complaining instead of using the versions in the .o file and ignoring
>> the later definitions in the .a file.)
>> I can either commit the code now and we work on fixing this linker issue
>> ASAP, or I can wait until we resolve the link problem before committing
>> the code.
>> Any preferences out there?
>> H
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> I vote for sooner, but I have a vested interest in getting it done 
> soon and have no such
> interest in the simulator since we will not be delivering it.

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