[ntp:hackers] Fwd: Re: kern_ntptime and FreeBSD 6.1

Judah Levine jlevine at boulder.nist.gov
Sat Jan 20 10:40:48 PST 2007

>>Dave, et al.,
>>    My original comment was for FreeBSD 6.1 only. This problem does 
>> not exist in the two previous  FreeBSD
>>versions that I have used: 4.6 and 5.1, and no patch is needed for 
>>these versions to fix this problem. I have not
>>used any other versions of FreeBSD. The patch that Warner describes 
>>is identical to what I found myself more
>>or less by accident while I was playing around.
>>    I don't know anything about Solaris -- I haven't used that 
>> system in quite some time.
>>Best wishes,
>>Judah Levine

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