[ntp:hackers] 1. ntpd's sync state (Harlan Stenn)

Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill colby at astro.berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 1 04:33:14 UTC 2008

On May 31, 2008, at 7:21 PM, Danny Mayer wrote:

> What should such a log file contain? If you can define it we can
> implement it. However I don't see how it can be made automatic since  
> you
> need to have a directory to write to and that's not such a simple
> question especially with embedded systems. The only file that's  
> written
> by default as far as I'm aware is the drift file.

A log definition grammar such as apache provides would be convenient.   
If not written by default, at least having the ability to do it would  
be useful.  I can provide changes to allow for this if it would help.


- Colby

> Danny
> Judah Levine wrote:
>> Hello,
>>    Sure. There are lots of way of doing it with the existing  
>> software. The
>> trouble is that they are not used in the real world, especially in  
>> financial
>> and commercial servers, where the data may be needed in a future
>> adversary proceeding. My suggestion was to link the capability into a
>> relatively simple and small log file that was turned on by default.  
>> This
>> is particularly important for many of the commercial NTP-only boxes
>> that are sold by various companies. The user is usually unable to
>> change the internal firmware on these systems and the log files are
>> either turned off completely or inadequate.
>> Best wishes,
>> Judah Levine
>>>> Hello,
>>>>> There is a need to be able to easily and consistently determine if
>>>>> system clock and/or ntpd's idea of its internal state and the  
>>>>> system
>>>>> clock are "correct" (for some definition of correct).
>>> Isn't this exactly what the ntp_gettime() systemcall is for ?
>>>     The ntp_gettime() function provides the time, maximum error  
>>> (sync dis-
>>>     tance) and estimated error (dispersion) to client user  
>>> application pro-
>>>     grams.
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