[ntp:hackers] Getting Hackers and the NTP Lists listed with Linked In...

TS Glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 2 14:18:54 UTC 2008

> What has Russ Housley got to do with this and what does ISC have to do
> with it? This is not the NTP Working Group, this is hackers and ISC is
> not involved here except indirectly.

Because Danny the Intellectual Property Rights to the IP developed here were 
formally 'given' to the IETF under the IETF's participation rules and 

But gee - if its too much for you to connect all the dot's here I will 
understand, let me help you...

This WG - because its working on adapting and extending properties already 
controlled under the IETF's copyright is in fact an IETF group whether you 
or anyone else here likes that or not. Hackers in fact may be violating IETF 
processes by not formally archiving this WG's efforts with the IETF. The 
fact that technical discussions are done here that are folded into the Spec 
and the IETF submission also makes this an IETF WG...

I suggest that maybe we should ask some attorney's about what they think 
here eh Danny?

What I am betting they formaly say is that "The legal rights to NTP were 
ceeded to the IETF when the original filing was done and anything that 
changes that which is to go into the IETF Standards Process is in fact an 
IETF WG". That means everything that happens on HACKERS is part of NTPWG and 
they both *** must be archived and managed per the IETF's rules ***.

Sorry - but it is what it is.

Todd Glassey
> Danny
>> Todd
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>>> Sounds okay by me. I'll certainly join.
>>> TS Glassey wrote:
>>>> List Management - I would like to get us registered as a Group inside 
>>>> of
>>>> LinkedIn - this would give the NTP Project  more visibility and could 
>>>> be
>>>> valuable for us in using the LinkedIn infrastructure for various
>>>> resources as well as spreading the gospel about the NTP WG itself.
>>>> Any thoughts?
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