[ntp:hackers] Getting Hackers and the NTP Lists listed with Linked In...

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Jun 2 16:36:19 UTC 2008

TS Glassey wrote:
>> What has Russ Housley got to do with this and what does ISC have to do
>> with it? This is not the NTP Working Group, this is hackers and ISC is
>> not involved here except indirectly.
> Because Danny the Intellectual Property Rights to the IP developed here 
> were formally 'given' to the IETF under the IETF's participation rules 
> and agreement.
> But gee - if its too much for you to connect all the dot's here I will 
> understand, let me help you...
> This WG - because its working on adapting and extending properties 
> already controlled under the IETF's copyright is in fact an IETF group 
> whether you or anyone else here likes that or not. Hackers in fact may 
> be violating IETF processes by not formally archiving this WG's efforts 
> with the IETF. The fact that technical discussions are done here that 
> are folded into the Spec and the IETF submission also makes this an IETF 
> WG...

Hackers has nothing to do with the IETF Working Groups. It's a mailing 
list for the NTP Reference Implementation.


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