[ntp:hackers] odd behaviour (one more time)

clemens at dwf.com clemens at dwf.com
Tue Sep 9 07:07:25 UTC 2008


I had looked at this code with #ifdef STA_NANO once before, but
my mind didnt connect it with the delta of 4 

However, when I looked at it  I had convinced myself that this wasnt
relevant, since the #ifdef STA_NANO, was itself enclosed in a #ifdef 
I had been playing with different combinations of timex.h and for the one 
of ntp that I checked, KERNEL_PLL was not set.  Sure enough, in all the rest
it is.  I also know that at one time I only had us's printing in the 
column  (not ns's) of the loopfilter output, so this confirmed the not-set 
needless to say it is printing in ns for all of my current output.

I had also looked at the list of things that KERNEL_PLL depended on in the
configuration code, and was sure that none of those were defined, again, wrong
timex.h .


At the moment I am back to running *127, and am seeing oscillations with
an amplitude of 100us, but not quite as smooth as in the figure I pointed to
in my previous note.

So, what is the problem here, and what is the solution?
Are wrong time constants being used in the Linux kernel when STA_NANO is set?
Should this code NOT be being included for Linux?
And why in my p127 but not p115?

                                        reg at dwf.com

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