[ntp:hackers] odd behaviour (one more time)

Brian Utterback Brian.Utterback at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 9 22:23:20 UTC 2008

clemens at dwf.com wrote:
>> Can you tell us what has to change to accommodate different ticks? 
>> Solaris uses both 100Hz and 1000Hz, settable at boot time. I would 
>> like to verify that the contestants are correctly scaled in these two 
>> cases.
> Actually its a one-liner when configuring the Kernel.
> Under XConfig, I choose
> 	Processor type and Features -> Timer Frequency -> 1000 Kz
> and then rebuild the kernel.
> The other options were/are 100Hz, 250Hz, and 300Hz.
This just says that for the kernel you are talking about (Linux?) it 
changes the constants by calculating them in relation to the tick 
frequency. OR maybe not, who knows? But since I am talking about Solaris 
and I am trying to verify those recalculations, I am afraid that your 
comment isn't helpful to me.

So the question still stands. What needs to change in the microkernel 
code to accommodate different tick frequencies?  Is it those things that 
are calculated in relation to the HZ define in the microkernel reference 

Brian Utterback

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