[ntp:hackers] Should be: Choosing a Logile Extension for NTP

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What's wrong with creating a .NTP extension for the logs? We would link them
to Text or XML Types and poof - this issue goes away.

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> Martin Burnicki wrote:
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>> So the basic question is whether we should simply use the .txt
>> extension (which is also my preferred solution), or use an individual
>> extension like .ntp_log or so.
>> If we use the .txt extension then these files will automatically be
>> opend by the preferred text editor, e.g. notepad. Since the files are
>> indeed just another set of text files this should be fine.
>> Resulting filenames would look like e.g.: loopstats.20080923.txt
>> If we use an extension like .ntp_log then we must register a default
>> application for these file types. Of course this can simply be done by
>> the installer. However, what is the benefit of using an individual
>> application?

This will violate the dot-three standard that file-extensions are 
constrained by.

>> There would be a benefit if we had an individual application which
>> could be started to read and display those log files. However, I'm
>> not aware of any. In most cases you just want to have a quick look
>> using a text editor.
>> BTW, should the new extension also be appended to the current log
>> files, e.g. loopstats.txt or loopstats.ntp_log rather than just
>> loopstats?
> []
>> Martin
> Martin,
> Do whatever makes it simpler for the user - .txt rather than .ntp_log
> would probably be best for the end users.  Make it so for the current log
> files as well.
> Your own NTP Monitor is perhaps, for Windows users, closest to the
> individual application they might use to view the data.
> Cheers,
> David
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