[ntp:hackers] Export restrictions on ntp-dev?

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at sun.com
Thu Apr 23 00:09:29 UTC 2009

Unfortunately, safe probably isn't enough. Reviewed for export is 
pretty much what I am looking for.

Danny Mayer wrote:
> Brian Utterback wrote:
>> Something just came up in my efforts to get NTP 4.2.5 into Solaris. 
>> The question of export restrictions on crypto is part of the checklist 
>> for integration into any sun product, Solaris included.
>> So, my question is, has the source code at udel.edu ever been through 
>> a U.S. government export review? If so, is there any kind of 
>> documentation or review number? How do other vendors deal with this? 
>> Any clues, pointers, hints?
>> Thanks.
> I don't know of anything in the ntp code itself where that would even
> come up but Dave would know for sure. The only issue may be the OpenSSL
> code which is optional at this time, but OpenSSL is hosted outside of
> the US to avoid this issue from what I understand. Doesn't Sun ship
> OpenSSL? It does get used in Kerberos so if Sun is shipping Kerberos it
> should be (but not necessarily) safe to ship for ntp.
> Danny


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