[ntp:hackers] Privacy: refclock_nmea is now munging lat/long

Terje Mathisen terje at tmsw.no
Sun Apr 26 13:03:01 UTC 2009

John Hay wrote:
> I think the default should be to show lat/long in both the logs and
> ntpq -c clockvar. If we add an option to block it, it should probably
> only be done for clockvar and not in the logs. I would then also be
> for blocking the whole lat/long and not try to decide how much of it
> is too little or too much.

I agree totally, hiding it by default is totally wrong.
> Personally I doubt if I will ever use the option to block it. The
> fact that the string in clockvar is(was) basically the raw line as it
> was sent from the gps also has value when busy debugging. You know
> that is how the line was sent from the gps.

I have indeed used this several times, I wrote a perl script to do stats 
on the position info, this gave me a pretty good antenna position value, 
as well as how often and far it moved around.

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