[ntp:hackers] 4.2.5p203 adds ntpq dumpcfg command

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 02:49:55 UTC 2009

As GSoC winds down, fruits of Max Kühn's efforts are available for
brave souls as the new ntpq "dumpcfg filename" command.  This should
dump a functional equivalent to your ntp.conf plus and ntpq :config
runtime additions, once the kinks are worked out.

Right now, you do not need to authenticate to use ntpq dumpcfg, though
that will most likely change soon, putting it on level ground with
:config.  The filename provided can not have a directory component,
and the dump file must not already exist.  It is created in /var/tmp
on unix, and %TEMP% on Windows (also likely to change soon, to provide

Please consider upgrading some of your machines to p203 or later and
see how it works for you.

NOTE:  There is a known hanging bug in p203 dumpcfg which will be
fixed in p204 if you have more than one key ID listed after
"trustedkey" in ntp.conf, see http://bugs.ntp.org/1284.  Either apply
the patch attached to the bug, or comment your trustedkey line with #
and add another listing just one key id.

It is expected that all comments are lost, as well as whitespace, and
some directives may be slightly different but equivalent in the output
(I'm thinking of restrict -4 default and restrict -6 default).
Directives are dumped in a fixed order regardless of their order in
the original ntp.conf.

Please file bug reports at http://bugs.ntp.org (please ignore the
certificate warning) under product "ntp" component "ntpd.conf parser"

Thank you in advance for any timely testing you are able to provide.
GSoC final evaluations are looming about a week away.

Dave Hart

> NTP Development Snapshot 4.2.5p203 is now available for download.
> Changes:
> * Add ntpq -c dumpcfg, Google Summer of Code project of Max Kuehn
> Tarball:
> http://archive.ntp.org/ntp4/ntp-dev/ntp-dev-4.2.5p203.tar.gz
> ftp://archive.ntp.org/ntp4/ntp-dev/ntp-dev-4.2.5p203.tar.gz

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