[ntp:hackers] 4.2.5p203 adds ntpq dumpcfg command

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Aug 19 00:02:16 UTC 2009

> That's right.  Returning the output to ntpq might be useful, but it's
> challenging since you're dealing with small packets and a datagram
> protocol with no guarantees of delivery or order.

I was thinking of retrieving it 1 line at a time.

You already have to retransmit in case packets get lost and you already need 
a sequence number so you can filter out delayed duplicates.  The order isn't 
a problem.  You only ask for things one item at a time.

If you were going to spend a lot of time running this code over long slow 
links, it might make sense to keep several packets in flight.  I don't see 
that being appropriate here.

Actually, it would be an interesting experiment to see the size distribution 
of config files (with and without comments) and how many of them 
would/wouldn't work in a single but fragmented UDP packet and/or what 
fraction fit into a single non-fragmented packet.

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