[ntp:hackers] Problems with questions to news group gateway?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Tue Aug 25 15:58:37 UTC 2009

Martin Burnicki wrote:
> Hal,
> Hal Murray wrote:
>> Martin Burnicki wrote:
>>> Are there even more articles which have not been gatewayed to the news
>>> servers? 
>> I think I saw one a while ago.  It was sent to the questions mailing list and 
>> cc-ed to me.  I was waiting to answer it via the newsgroup but it didn't get 
>> there.
>> I may be able to find a date/Message-ID if that will help somebody 
>> investigate.
> Thanks - the basic problem I'm seeing is that none of the operators
> seems to care or even replies ... :((

The mail server system died after a power outage a few days ago and
wouldn't reboot. The disk has since been replaced and things are running
again. It is possible that a few messages may have gotten lost.

I haven't replied to your question yet. I have it on my list to answer
since I run ntpd on my PDC. It's not an answer I can do in 5 minutes.


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