[ntp:hackers] NTP Development Snapshot 4.2.5p208 Released

Brian Utterback brian.utterback at sun.com
Sun Aug 30 15:49:37 UTC 2009

I just confirmed it. This is a major mistake IMHO. Remember when the 
idea was floated to not allow overwriting any existing files? Well, 
this is not only overwriting an existing file, it also lets you do it 
in fewer keystrokes!

I agree that the ability to change the persistent configuration of NTP 
on the fly remotely may be useful in some circumstances, but in that 
case there should be a "Really?", followed by "are you really really 
sure?", etc.

Brian Utterback wrote:
> NTP Public Services Project wrote:
>> * "saveconfig ." shorthand to save to startup configuration file.
> This doesn't mean what I think it does, does it? Tell me you don't 
> have this as a shorthand for overwriting the original ntp.conf file, 
> do you? That would be a huge misfeature. I certainly won't ship any 
> binary with this "feature".


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