[ntp:hackers] ntp-dev ntp_proto.c receive AM_NEWPASS

Ronan Flood ronan at nosc.ja.net
Thu Jul 2 08:56:23 UTC 2009

> in case of a wrong configuration for a real NTP node (i.e. using peer 
> instead of server) I'd say the configuration should be fixed rather than a 
> workaround added in ntpd.

It's not a case of adding a workaround, rather that an existing
workaround has been removed.

Was there a decision made to break the existing pragmatic behaviour
("peer ..." works like "server ..." for an unauthenticated client ntpd),
or is it an avoidable (even unpredicted) side-effect of the w32time
change?  If avoidable, I suggest the previous behaviour be reinstated.
If decided upon, it should be documented.

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