[ntp:hackers] What happened to old sample checking?

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri May 1 15:50:24 UTC 2009


In the mitigation rules update the block you found was indeed lost; it 
has been replaces.


Brian Utterback wrote:

> Some time ago, Dave added a check in clock_update such that is the 
> sample being used to update the clock was older than the last sample 
> used to update the clock, the older sample would be ignored. This 
> ensured that the samples applied to the clock would be in 
> chronological order.
> Looking at clock_update recently, I see that this check is no longer 
> in place. It was there in p161 and is not there in p167.
> So, I guess this is really a question for Dave. What happened? Was the 
> check moved somewhere else, or did you decide that it wasn't working 
> right, or that it was not the right thing to do?  I am just trying to 
> understand what happened.

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