[ntp:hackers] NEMA refclock, PPS and Solaris.

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat May 2 00:03:25 UTC 2009


Our pogo.udel.edu runs Solaris 10 with stock timepps.h version in the 
current development version, which is probably the same as the release 
version. Our rackety.udel.edu runs the same thing in FreeBSD 7.0. So far 
as I know, there never has been any version but 1. If the driver is 
calling time_setparams directly and not via the
new interface there has been no change, as only the header file is 
involved and that has not changed.


Brian Utterback wrote:

> I have someone testing my 2.4.5p168 binaries for me on OpenSolaris. HE 
> is using refclock type 20. the NEMA driver and getting the following 
> messages:
> May  1 10:10:34...refclock_nmea: serial /dev/gps0 open at 4800 bps
> May  1 10:10:34...refclock_nmea: time_pps_setparams failed: Invalid 
> argument
> Looking at the code for time_pps_setparams, it appears that it is 
> complaining either about the PPSAPI version not being 1, or that the 
> offset isn't in the right units.
> Before I start going any further down this path, I just wanted a 
> general sanity check. Does anybody know if any of the NTP 2.4.5 in the 
> p160-p169 range work with any PPS on any version of Solaris? How about 
> with any hardware refclocks other than LOCAL?  Do any of the UDEL 
> systems run Solaris with a refclock?

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