[ntp:hackers] gorilla wrangler with Unix chops soliticited

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Sun May 31 16:21:33 UTC 2009

>> The code is on pogo:~hart/ntp-dev-block for those with access.  Anyone
>> else who would like to help but does not have a pogo account, I'm
>> happy to share a tarball.  Nearly all of it is at either the top or
>> bottom of ntp_intres.c, with the bulk of the file #if 0'd out.
> I have no problem taking this on as it's already part of what I need to
> implement. It will take some time as there are lots of problems that are
> likely to come up and testing on lots of different platforms will be a
> challenge. And whatever we do should not be done for 4.2.6. That release
> needs to go out.
> I assume that most of your code changes are in ntp_intres.c and
> ntp_config.c?

The great bulk of it is in ntp_intres.c at the end.  There is a minor
change to ntp_config.c config_peers() plus a new callback defined just
before it, to use the new async getaddrinfo().  There's also a test
call in ntpd.c to resolve europa.ad.hartbrothers.com and (in a test
callback) dump the resulting addrinfo list.

Dave Hart

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